About us

In the style of Maboneng Township Arts Experience, Future Beyond started to develop concepts for innovation labs. The idea is to turn a Township Home into a place of learning about future technology.

In particular in Town Ships like Gugulethu or Langa it is essential to enlighten the people about the chances of environmental friendly living. Therefore there are 9 awesome Homes designed, containing experiments, information and fun to explore the future.

The project is leaded by Future Beyond and Maboneng in cooperation with N(…?) Labs and EduNova. Concerning the funding, volunteer work and donations are helping a lot.

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Face the current Town Ship Problems!

  • With an illiterate rate of almost 75% in the South African Town Ships, violence is a daily hitch. The poverty causes also ineffective approaches to fight denunciations. Many hapless people even can’t find proud in anything: their shanties are dirty and morbific or if they have a preventing mobile phone, they partial have to drive 3 hours by bus to recharge it.
  • Now just imagine, how the situation could change, if all those people would have something worthwhile to do? If they had pretty homes to be proud of and meet people from all spheres of society? What if, if there would be a program, which doesn’t need only money but is sustainable? If the group power of the Town Ship people could be used to fight for environmental matters by getting self-sustaining with renewable energies and recycling?

Let’s make that dream come true.

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