Future Beyond

Future Beyond Logo

  • ›Future Beyond is a social innovation enterprise based the Cape Town, whose core focus is the advancement of the broader communities through facilitating inclusive participation in the renewable energy sector, and the green economy.
  • ›Future Beyond values partnerships which are aimed at advancing youth and community participation in renewable energy development, hence a direct involvement in the Township Innovation Lab Innitiative.
  • ›Future Beyond is driven by a number of experience and passionate individuals, one of which is the Founder, Methuli Mbanjwa – an enthusiastic and energetic young South African, who is passionate about renewable energy and socio-economic development of South Africa, and Africa at large. is to see South Africa and Africa prosper for the betterment of all it’s citizens, and to find practicable solutions to the challenges of the day through my small contributions.

Contact Data

Methuli Mbanjwa


3rd Floor, Cape Town Office, 62 Roeland Street, Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 829 0711
Mobile: +27 76 676 2243
Email: info@future-beyond.com


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