Lab Concepts

To reconnoiter people in Town Ships about their possibilities to make a difference, we want to turn shanties into scientific laboratories. Already about 30 families allocated their houses for different types of labs:
  • The Green Energie Experience Center
    Exploring the future possibilities of renewable energies so as solar and wind energy and learn how to assume responsibility at a inquiry kiosk with electricity from above.
  • The Experimental Venue
    For young and old, experiments are applicated to explore the world of sustainability in a easy understandable and diverting way.
  • The smart Recycling Station
    Like practibal in the Town Ship reality, ways of recycling are pointed out. Visitors are able to learn how they could make a difference in a easy way: for the environment and their budget, e. g. by organisating bottle collecting teams, which work in an market economy based style.
There are also some further plans excogitated, for example to print t-shirts for the participants and to organise competions in sustainable ideas or waste collection.
In a Innovation Lab you always find:
  • General information of the respective house on posters
  • Experiments, 3D-models, modern technology
  • A lab-like design: white walls, brightly illuminated
  • Guest book or other possibility to share experiences with the topic

Find the whole presentation here.



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